John, Jerzy, Tracey, and Reed

Lang & Reed Cabernet Franc being featured in the “Bizarre Reds” section in Minneapolis


Reed stomping grapes in Chinon, France during Harvest 2008



Winter in Chinon, France

Tracey harvesting Cabernet Franc


Megan & Reed
saying “I do” in Chinon 2009

Jerzy Lang
J Reed…
our namesakes

John & Tracey with Bernard and Henriette Baudry, proprietors of Domaine Bernard Baudry


La maison Baudry

Megan & Reed toasting to their wedding in 2009

John cycling through Chinon

Jerzy labeling barrels for Lang & Reed


Forteresse Royale de Chinon

John admiring
our beautiful
Cabernet Franc

John with sons,
J Reed & Jerzy Lang

John bringing in
Cabernet Franc during Harvest

Megan & Reed jumping for joy

Tracey with nephew Rich showcasing
Lang & Reed Cabernet Franc


Bernard Baudry

The Baudry family in Chinon, France

John & Tracey
in Chinon

John labeling barrels with
Reed & Jerzy

The wedding in Chinon

The Skupny Family


Tracey with Henriette Baudry

The town of Chinon

Megan & Reed at Domaine Bernard Baudry for Harvest 2008
Chinon, France